About Me

I read this quote once, and couldn’t have said it better myself…
THIS is where I came from and now, why I run…

~ ~ ~
“I knew, at some level, that running was both creating my life
and saving it.  After years of smoking, drinking and eating  
more than my share, I realized that running was the 
only path that would lead to a new and better me.  
And I never want to stray from that path again…”  
 John Bingham, Runner’s World
~ ~ ~

I’ve run on and off over since my college years, but I fell into a consistent routine during the fall of 2009.  I was living the “dream life” as a stay-home mom to a sweet toddler and a beautiful 6 month baby.  Yet oddly, I was at my lowest point ever (and highest weight!).  There’s just something about the open road and pair of sneakers that makes you feel free and alive again (without actually running away).

Years later, I’ve fallen in love with the sport of running. It strengthens me as a person and renews me as a wife and mother. Running is my sanctuary for personal thoughts, and yet also my happy hour with girlfriends. I will never be without my run again.

• I love my hair long, and yet 95% of the time, it’s up in a ponytail. My good friend Katie calls me “Goddess in a Ponytail”!  I think it works…
• I love coffee. Hazelnut is my favorites.  There is nothing as alluring as that first cup in the morning.
• I used to believe that running without music was punishment.  While a good playlist can push you through a tough workout, there’s something almost magical about the silence of a morning run when the world is still asleep.
• I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
• I thrive on to-do lists, plans and schedules.  Something about checking things off that make me feel good. Although I also stress out on them too!
• I love a cold beer or margarita on a hot summer day.  Okay, maybe more than one…
• I am totally game to dress up in costumes for races. Race with me and we can be matchy-matchy!
• Pizza is my favorite indulgence. I love the take ‘n bakes from Papa Murphy’s.• I don’t watch much television, but I am a die hard fan of the The Biggest Loser.  Season 13 stinks.
• I’m a freelance graphic designer.  Someday, I’d like to design my own fitness apparel.
• You can take a girl out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girl.  I bleed green and gold for the Green Bay Packers… and am a big fan of Wisconsin Badger football and basketball.